Some contemporary thinkers in education - 2018
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Below you can find a short introduction to some of those currently writing in education. These are only the briefest of "postcards" but will give you a flavour of their thinking. During the course it is important you think critically about the ideas that are presented to you. Also see this page with a wider selection of thinkers.

Ron Berger Gert Biesta Robert Bjork Andrew Butler Guy Claxton
Positive Criticism Existing in
the world
Transfer of
Below the line
Carol Dweck Angela Duckworth John Dunlosky K Anders Ericsson John Geake
Growth Mindset Grit and
Threshold Concepts Deliberate
John Hattie Paul Kirschner Doug Lemov Jan Meyer Sugata Mitra
Visible Impact Instructional
Teach like a champion Threshold Concepts Self-Organised Learning Env.
Martin Robinson Henry Roediger Barak Rosenshine Robert Rosenthal John Sweller
The C21st trivium Testing Effect Direct Instruction Pygmalion Effect Cogntive Load Theory
Steve Wheeler Dylan Wiliam Daniel Willingham    
Learning with e's Formative Assessment Cognitive Neuroscience    
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