Glossary of Acronyms
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AEN Additional Educational Needs  
ALS Advanced Literacy Support  
AQA Exam Baord (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance)  
ASC Agreed Syllabus Conference  
ASE Association for Science Education  
AST Advanced Skills Teacher  
AT Advisory Teacher  
AT Attainment Target  
BTEC Business Technology Education Council - a voicational qualification  
BS Business Studies  
BSP Behaviour Support Plan  
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C&YP Children and Young People  
CATs Cognitive Ability Tests  
CAME Cognitive Acceleration in Mathematics  
CASE Cognitive Acceleration in Science  
CC Cwricwlwm Cymraeg (Wales)  
CCEA Council for the Curriculum, Examinations & Assessment (N.Ireland)  
CfSA Council for Subject Assoications  
CLC City Learning Centres  
CoCo Community Cohesion  
CPD Continuing Professional Development  
CTC City Technology College  
CYPD Children and Young People's Directorate  
CW Collective Worship  
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DCLG Department for Communities and Local Government  
DCMS Department for Culture, Media and Sport  
DfE Department for Education  
DELLS Department for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (Wales)  
DL Distance Learning  
DRC Disability Rights Commision  
DUIS Department for Universities, Innovation and Skills  
EAL English as an Additional Language  
EBD Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties  
ECM Every Child Matters  
EdExcel Examination Board  
EFL English as a Foreign Language  
ELB Education and Library Board (N. Ireland)  
ELG Early Learning Goals  
EOKS End of Key Stage  
EWO Educational Welfare Officer  
EWS Educational Welfare Service  
EYFS Early Years and The Foundation Stage  
FE Further Education  
FS Foundation Stage  
FSM Free School Meals  
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GA Geography Association  
GB Governing Body  
G&T Gifted and Talented  
GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education  
GTP Graduate Teacher Programme  
GTTP Graduate Teacher Training Registry  
HA History Assocation  
HE Higher Education  
HEA Higher Education Academy  
HEI Higher Education Institution  
HoD Head of Department  
HLTA Higher Level Teaching Assistant  
HMI Her Majesty's Inspector (or Inspectorate)  
HT Head Teacher  
IAP Individual Action Plan  
ICoCo Institute of Community Cohesion  
ICT Information and Communications Technology  
INSET In-service Training  
ITE Initial Teacher Education  
ITT Initial Teacher Training  
KS Key Stage  
LA Local Authority  
LAS Locally Agreed Syllabus  
LDD Learning Difficulties and Disabilities  
LftM Learning from the Middle  
LP Lesson Plan  
LSA Learning Support Assistant  
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MA Mathematics Association  
MFL Modern Forgien Language  
MLD Moderate Leanring Difficulty  
MLT Management and Leadership Team  
MIDYIS Middle Years Information System  
NATE National Association of Teachers of English  
NATRE National Association of Teachers of Religious Education  
NASACRE National Association of Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education  
NC National Curriculum  
NCLS National College of School Leadership  
NfER National Foundation for Educational Research  
NPQH National Professional Qualification for Headship  
NSNF(RE) Non Statutory National Framework for RE  
OCR Oxford Cambridge and RSA  
Ofsted Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills  
OfQUAL Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator  
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PoS Programme of Study  
PRU Pupil referral Unit  
PP Pupil Premium  
QCDA Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (now DfE)  
QTS Qualified Teacher Status  
RE Religious Education  
RS Religious Studies  
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SACRE Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education  
SEF Self Evaluation Form  
SEN(D) Special Educational Needs and Disabilities  
SIP School Improvement Partner  
SMSC Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education  
SN Special Needs  
SoW Scheme of Work  
SRE Sex and Relationships Education  
TA Teaching Assistant  
TDA Training and Development Agency  
TWOS Teacher with Other Specialisms  
VA Voluntary Aided (School)  
VC Voluntary Controlled (School)  
VLE Virtual Learning Environment  
WJEC Examination Board (Welsh Joint Exam Council)  
YELLIS Year Eleven Information System  
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